Choline Synthesis Complex

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Break through procrastination barriers, eliminate brain fog, and amplify focus with Zynapse.

With all of the brain enhancement supplements available today, how do you choose?

The simplest answer is “transparency.”

If the brain enhancement supplement you’re interested in is guilty of false advertising, it isn’t a good place to start. These include claims of doubling your IQ, being the inspiration for NZT in “Limitless,” and even Photoshopping Bradley Coopers twitter account. At this point, we know of no product in our category that “Limitless” has publicly endorsed.

Secondly, and actually more important, is their forwardness with the ingredients in their formula. Is the label easily findable online? Is it just filled to the brim with cheap filler ingredients (entire label reads like a multivitamin), or does it include select ingredients specific to brain stimulation?

Zynapse covers all of these bases impeccably. As of 2016, we now provide a well rounded dose of general brain health ingredients in tandem to our proprietary choline enhancement complex. Zynapse doesn’t claim to be something it is not, but does guarantee its effectiveness! Entrepreneurs, students, creatives, athletes, and those working double shifts are all seeing a remarkable improvement in:

  • Focus
  • Motivation
  • Energy Level
  • Memory Recall
  • Learning Speed
  • Outlook & Mood

What makes Zynapse more powerful than the competition?

Zynapse is one of the only capsules on the market to utilize the peptide “N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester” in its formula. It is up to 1000x stronger than “Piracetam,” which is the next strongest cognitive enhancer on the market.

Do you see either of those ingredients in Neuroflexyn, Alpha Brain, Optimind, or Addium? (Note: The makers of Addium have rebranded their product as Cogniflex, Adderin, Intellux, Cognilift, Vantium, Alpha ZXT, and Geniux as an attempt to wash out the market with lesser quality products and push out our smaller companies.)

No. Why? Because they aren’t cheap!

The newly updated 2017 Zynapse formula is the latest and most up to date in the market. It includes only premium quality nootropic ingredients inside a powerful single capsule serving. With thousands of bottles sold, Zynapse is quickly solidifying its place atop the brain enhancement category.Zynapse Label 5x2 D2



Take one dose upon awakening. A second dose may be appropriate in the afternoon if desired. Take no more than two doses of Zynapse daily.

Zynapse is great as a standalone supplement, but may be stacked with others for synergistic enhancement purposes. Like many supplements it may require a build-up period of several consecutive days (4-5 days). While many users experience benefits early on, extended use (2-3 months) has shown a progressive elevation of effectiveness.

Effectiveness Guarantee

We are smart enough to know that each person’s system reacts differently to various supplementation. If you’ve given Zynapse a try for an entire month and haven’t seen any desired results, just send us the empty bottle and we’ll provide you with a full purchase-price refund up to 60 days after initial purchase.

We truly appreciate your interest and business.