The ingredients in adraplexx were originally intended to be included in the Zynapse formula, making it a two capsule serving size, and increasing the price to $64.99. We decided to split the two into Zynapse and Adraplexx to be able to release more economically priced products to the consumers. The combination, or stack, of the two is referred to as “Infinum.”


Adraplexx is an outstanding synergistic booster when combined with Zynapse. It’s main active ingredient, Adrafinil, is a precursor (prodrug). Meaning, once taken, it is metabolized into the ADD/ADHD medicine Modafinil. It has a half-life of 6-8 hours and is part of a new class of stimulants called “eugeroic.” This compund is being praised for its ability to increase wakefulness and attention without effecting heart rate and blood pressure, side effects typically seen with stimulants.

The secondary ingredient, Phenibut, is a unique mood enhancer. It has the ability to increase the users general outlook without negatively effecting energy levels, a side effect typically seen with mood enhancers.


Adraplexx can be taken as a stand alone supplement, or take one capsule of adraplexx with each capsule of zynapse for an enhanced experience. Take no more than two capsules of adraplexx daily.

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